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Welcome to the official art blog of Ally, owner of Ally Inkorporated. Her mission is to spread happiness and identity through unique, custom art! She has done art for Kabuto the Python, MadHatter, StarF, King Pheenix, Matthew Miles and a few other independent artists. Here you can view her projects (working and finished), see what she has been up to and learn a thing or two. Check out her fan page on Facebook: Not all of Ally’s work is sweet and adorable; some of it contains violence, nudity and may not be appropriate for children. Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy!

Yesterday I went to Singers Karaoke Club in Solvay, its a very great place. If it was closer to home I’d visit often. Schäffer the Darklord, Jessie Dangerously and H.P. Lovecat performed and gave us an afternoon to remember. I got to see the legendary black box, Jessie’s table walking abilities (while rapping amazingly fast) and hear some great parodies written and sung by Lovecat. Not to mention, I got to sing some karaoke, does that mean I technically opened for STD? I also got to meet the Darklord himself and showed him a t-shirt design I made for him. While I was at it, I bought a shirt for myself and got it signed. Schäffer the Darklord is definitely worth checking out. Why not visit his website? Check out Jessie Dangerously too!

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